Canarias Getaway provides a marketing and management service to all those who wish to offer their property for holiday rental.

With more than 10 years´ experience in the tourism and holiday rentals sector, we know that our aim is to maximize the property´s profitability without the owner having to worry about anything.

For this reason, we have a highly-qualified and distinguished team of professionals from the various required sectors: tourism, economy, services etc.

The services we offer are:

  • LEGAL ADVICE: Based on rigorous market research, we analyse each property to evaluate its future viability.

    We take care of all the necessary procedures so that your property meets all established legal requirements.

  • RESERVATIONS AND MARKETING: Our booking system, or Channel manager, synchronizes all apartment reservation sites: Booking, Airbnb, Homeaway etc. and uses specially-developed tools to promote and position the property according to criteria such as price, special promotions, reviews etc.

    We are constantly evolving and adapting to the ever-changing market, incorporating new developments in order to offer both guests and property owners the greatest benefits.

    We have a team of designers to give your property that modern and functional touch which so well characterizes our brand.

  • CHECK-IN CHECK-OUT: We meet the guests on arrival at the property (check-in) and when they vacate (check-out) so as to help them with anything they may need during their stay.

  • CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE: We offer a comprehensive cleaning service with a high quality system which guarantees the best results and quality of service at all times.

    Our team includes a wide range of professionals: electricians, plumbers, painters etc. who are available 24 hours a day in the case of any unforseeable event which may occur.

    We check the condition of the property on a regular basis to assure that our high quality standards are maintained.

  • ADMINISTRATION: Our administration department deals with all the necessary and compulsory paperwork involved in the management of your holiday rental, payment receipts, invoicing etc.

  • PROPERTY OWNERS INTRANET: We make available to the owners a platform where all the information related to the properties can be accessed.

    This service allows you to see the property´s statistics at any given time and will show the current situation regarding occupancy, income, previsión, ratios etc.

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